Thursday, August 19, 2010

Another type of Scarecrow

At my day job as a Human Resources Manager I'm lucky enough to have an office along an outside wall, which means that I also have a window.  YAY me!  On Tuesday I was working away, minding my own business when I started hearing a tap, tap, tapping on the wall of my office - luckily on the outside of the building.  The tapping went on and on and on!  I realized it must be a bird chipping away at the stucco which I figured was not a good thing.

I called our Maintenance man and he went outside to check it out.  He came back in to report that there was a bird out there and it had pecked a pretty deep hole into the side of the wall.  Again, not a good thing.  He vowed to take care of the problem and disappeared to the back of the building.  This man has quite a shop back there filled with all sorts of gadgets so I was curious to see what he would find to keep the bird away.

He came back a few minutes later with a drawing of a cat.  Not even kidding.  Here's the drawing:

He went outside and tacked it to the building - as you can see here he used push pins.  Here's a shot of the picture tacked to the side of the building right outside my window:

As you can imagine, this has become the talk of the company, if not the town.  That afternoon one of our employees called me to say that she had been on a walk during her break and she asked me so sincerely, "do you know that there's a drawing of a cat right outside your window?".  She had no idea of the story behind the drawing and thought someone put it there as a prank.  I explained the situation and got quite a laugh from her.

So, for the last three days I've fielded questions about the drawing and we've all been having a lot of fun with it.  The big question, of course, is whether or not the drawing is working.

Yes, it is.  The bird has not been back!!

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Anonymous said...

That truly is a remarkable story and I saw the picture today with my own eyes hanging right outside your window. What a hoot!!