Saturday, October 30, 2010

Parking Ticket

One more little mistake we made on our trip to Oregon was to park in Portland and not really read the signs.  We parked near Voo Doo Donuts, which wasn't where we were going but just happened to be down the street.

If you aren't familiar with Voo Doo Donuts I'm not sure how to explain it to you . . . it's a little donut shop with very strange donuts that is very popular.  My daughter and I went there once and it was very interesting to say the least!  Anyway, it's so popular that when we drove by there was a line about 2 blocks long so we were looking at that and not paying attention to where we were parking.

We went and got some coffee and then walked around Portland which provides plenty of great people watching.  We saw several people singing and playing instruments on the street and this guy was our favorite:

He made some amazing music with those plastic pails and he was such a happy guy!  We threw a couple bucks in his pail so we could take his picture.

After all that fun we made our way back to our car and drove away and it wasn't until we were speeding down the interstate that we noticed something small and gold flapping in the breeze unter the windshield wiper.  Worried that it might blow away we took the next exit, examined the small gold thing and came to the realization that you could now go to any Oregon Post Office and see our photos on the Most Wanted list.  Ok, it wasn't that serious but we did have a parking ticket.  Because we didn't notice it until we were far from our parking spot we still don't really know why we got a ticket, but evidently we did something against the rules.

In crafty news I do have a few photos to share with you and I'll get to that very soon!  Right now I need to write a check to the Portland Parking Tag office for $40!


peggys said...

This trip keeps getting better and better!

Emily said...

I think you forgot to mention that first we tried to get into a car that had a parking ticket and we were mad about that...and then I was scared that we lost our car and I wouldn't make it to the orchestra rehearsal. We were so relieved when we finally found our car and that we didn't have a ticket, until we were going 70 on the freeway and it looked like it was going to fly away! Oh man.

Anonymous said...

Yup it was quite a trip all right. Not sure I want to travel with those two again!!! :=))