Saturday, December 11, 2010

Recent craft projects

I have been busy crafting the past few weeks and I've been having so much fun!  I made several Christmas gift bags for a custom order; 6 each in two designs.  Here are the bags:

This snowflake bag was made using pretty Christmas paper and snowflakes cut out of white paper using my Cricut.  I also used my paper punch to make a scallop edging on the red paper.

To make this bag I also used my Cricut to cut out the letters for the word "sing".  I used music note paper - actual patterned paper not the vintage sheet music that I have.  I found out that the vintage paper sticks to the Cricut cutting mat and rips when you try to remove it, so using patterned paper was a much better idea.  I typed the words "heaven & nature" and printed them on yellow patterned paper and than I sewed a red button for the dot on the i.

The Christmas trees were white when I bought them and I painted them green with a brown trunk:

It was a good project to do while watching a football game!  Here are the trees once they dried:

I've also been making cards.  I only have one photographed so far; here it is:

For this card I used a couple of stamps from a birthday set, and of course I used my Cricut to cut out the title block.  Love my Cricut!

I have a few more cards to show you and a few more to make.  Watch for more photos tomorrow!

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peggys said...

Wow - adorable. I hope I know who the custom order is for, cuz then I think I will get a gift in one of those awesome bags. Keep crafting - you do great work:)