Saturday, January 1, 2011

Como Park Arboretum

On Christmas Day we visited the Como Park Arboretum in St. Paul, Minnesota for their annual Poinsettia show.  WOW, talk about color!  The Arboretum was filled with different types and colors of poinsettias and it was a beautiful sight.

It was a nice break from the WHITE snow outside and it was warm and humid in the Arboretum which was also a nice break from the Minnesota winter.

It was such a large, beautiful display of flowers that it took some time to take it all in.

There were also other rooms to explore and they were full of beautiful plants and folliage.  Along the way there were signs giving some explanation about the plants:

There were also fountains and statues like this one:

But easily the highlight was this piece of art out in the hallway which, for 25 cents, would give you a personal message:

My daughter inserted a quarter and the carousel slowly spinned around until the man's hand came up and pointed to a word, which was the personal message that was promised.  My daughter's word was hope.  Very fun and unique!

Now Christmas is over and it's 2011!  What do you think the new year holds for you?  I have lots of plans for 2011, both personal and for my shop.  More about that in the days to come.

Happy New Year!


Crazy Daisy said...

Hello! Visiting from Ali Edwards class...

We love visiting the flower gardens as well! I always go in mid January for the orchid show!

Michele said...

lovely pictures! folllowing from Ali's One Little Word

peggys said...

Beautiful photos and what a fun activity!