Wednesday, January 5, 2011

One Little Word

I mentioned yesterday that I signed up for a year long class with Ali Edwards & Big Picture Classes.  The class is called One Little Word and it's a concept that Ali created several years ago.  There's a link to her blog over on the right and you can read about it there.

I signed up for the class for a few reasons:
  • I love Ali Edwards!
  • I've read about the concept and thought it sounded interesting
  • I need some practice with Photoshop Elements (a lot!)
  • I want to do some crafting that is just for me - most of the work I do is for my Etsy shop
  • I thought it would be fun to meet some new friends that share a passion for scrapbooking
The class will take place over the course of the entire year; each month Ali gives prompts (assignments) for the participants to complete.  There is a supply list included but Ali encourages participants to use what they have on hand.  She recommended an 8-1/2" x 11" album and it just so happens that I had just ordered one the day before - must be fate!  She also recommended a specific set of divided page protectors and I did order them, but other than that I plan to use what I have on hand, which is plenty.

So far Ali has given a pre-class assignment which involved getting your supplies ready and choosing your word.  My word for 2011 is:

There are several reasons that I chose this word - obviously I'm expecting change in 2011.

Change . . . painting, removing wallpaper, replacing light fixtures, etc.
Change . . . move more, eat less.  Check out Cathy Zielske's blog to read more.
Change . . . my daughter is graduating from college in May and starting her adult life.
Change . . . now that college is paid for I'll have more change in my pocket!
Change . . . in how I manage and market my Etsy shop.

There could be other changes that I don't even know about - that's the fun part of this project.

Ali also gave the prompts for January and if this is any indication of how the year will be I'm even more excited!  Her post included the prompts (3), the idea behind each prompt, an audio clip from Ali talking about the prompts and video clips with tutorials for using Photoshop Elements to complete the prompts.  It is so thorough and so well done I can't even tell you!  There's also a great message board where the participants can chat and share ideas (Ali chimes in too), and tomorrow night there's a live chat between Ali and the participants.

I'll share bits and pieces of the project throughout 2011.  There's a link to the class over on the right if you are interested in joining the fun!


Anonymous said...

I LIKE your word and I don't think your pictures are that bad!! :=))

peggys said...

I see a redecorated bathroom in your future!