Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mexico 2011

Just one week ago today I came home from Mexico to a blinding snowstorm.  My tan is fading but luckily I have some great photos so that my memories won't fade too!  I'll share a few with you today.

Our trip this year was to Puerto Vallarta, which is on the Pacific Ocean.  Our past trips have all been to the Riviera Maya which is on the Carribean Sea, so we had lots of new sights, sounds and experiences this trip.

We stayed at the Riu Palace Pacifico and it was beautiful.  Here's a look at the hotel from the pool/ocean.

This hotel is 9 stories, and 8 of those floors are guest rooms.  The bottom floor is the lobby, restaurants and shops.  Our room was on the third floor with a partial ocean view.  We were on the right as you look at this picture.  The hotel was truly a palace - very elaborate and ornate.

We wandered up to the 8th floor and went out on the balcony to take some "arial" photos.  The pool is huge, with a built up infinity pool in the middle.  The beach was also large and there were mountains to the left and right.

This is a picture of the pool from one end.  As you can see, there are loungers built right into the pool which was a great way to stay cool while catching some rays.  They are made of tile but more comfortable than you might think.

Each and every day we saw beautiful sunsets from our balcony.  We were usually in our room getting ready for dinner around sunset so we went back and forth between the bathroom and the balcony many times so that we wouldn't miss the sunset.

I have a few more pictures to share from Mexico and then I'll actually talk about crafts - more specifically, craft storage.

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Peggy said...

Beautiful sunset! Looks like a great trip.