Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More Mexico 2011

One day while in Mexico we visited a little town called Bucerias.  This is "old Mexico" with dirt streets and an open air market.  We had awesome tacos at a pizza and sports bar called Yo Yo Mo.  We also walked through the market and visited with the locals.  I met the cutest little boy who walked up to me and said, "chicka?" which means girl in Spanish.  He was selling little packs of chicklets gum and he couldn't have been more than 3 years old.  I asked him how much and he held up five chubby little fingers (five pesos, approximately 50 cents).  Of course I bought some and then I had my picture taken with him.   So cute!

He appeared to be with his grandmother who was selling all kinds of things, but her grandson clearly stole the show.  After our picture he dropped his little box full of gum so I helped him pick them up.  He was adorable.

I loved this sign on the side of a building - inside you could buy groceries, beer and auto parts! Now that's a super market!

I loved this bike parked on the side of the road - it looks like a workhorse!  I can't imagine that riding a bike was easy on those streets, which were made of large rocks mixed with dirt.  Had to be a bumpy drive.

Back tomorrow with photos of my new armoire which will also be a workhorse storing many of my crafting supplies.

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