Saturday, February 5, 2011

Owl Sighting

Last Sunday I spent the day in my kitchen/dining room scrubbing walls and scraping wallpaper glue.  It was a really, really long day.  About 3 p.m. I was on my hands and knees in the dining room scrubbing the wall near the baseboard and I stood up to rinse out my rag.  Imagine my surprise to look out the window and see a large, beautiful OWL looking at me!  I've never seen an owl before and had no idea that one could be so beautiful.

Luckily I had my camera nearby since I've been documenting change in my life so I slowly reached for it and took these photos:

As you can see the owl was perched in a small branch in a tree just outside my kitchen.  He (she?) had his back to me and had his head cranked all the way around.  It really felt like he was looking right at me!  My mom was in front of the kitchen window and he would turn his head all the way the other way to look at her, then back at me.

Here's a closer show so you can really see just how beautiful he was:

He sat there looking at us for just a couple of minutes and then flew away which gave us a chance to see just how big he was.

What a great moment!  After a couple of long days full of hard work it was a great moment and I'm so thrilled that I got to see such a beautiful creature.

For the last few years owls, along with birds, cupcakes, fingerless gloves and cowls have been all the rage on Etsy and you can find lots of items featuring those things.  I wasn't really on the bandwagon, but now I might just have an owl on every single thing I make.  I'm a fan.

Edited to add:  I just realized that One Little Word (OLW) has the same letters as OWL.  I think it's a sign!


BugsandFishes said...

What a great picture! and so exciting seeing one just outside your kitchen like that :)

lisbonlioness said...

This is downright amazing. I have never seen an owl in the wild, and I am green with envy!