Thursday, March 31, 2011

Looks can be deceiving.

These are my front steps, and they look perfectly safe, right?  Maybe a little wet?

That's what I thought on Sunday when I came out the front door, took a few steps and then fell took a tumble because it turns out these innocent looking steps were covered in a thin layer of glare ice.  See that snow on the left?  Yep, still winter here in Minnesota.

It happened quickly and I don't know exactly what my reaction was but I'm guessing that I tried to save myself with my arms and here's my proof:

That's a photo of my left arm, taken today, four days after my little accident.  Funny thing is that that arm doesn't hurt at all, but my right arm is killing me!

And - the worst news - I broke a nail.  I know.

My right arm had just recovered from a weekend long painting extravaganza that left it downright paralized - as in moving it at all hurt!  By Friday it was feeling pretty good, Saturday even better, and then Sunday I fell and really did something bad to my poor arm.

I'm not too good about going to the doctor (I'll be fine) and even worse about taking medicine (really, I'll be fine) but by Tuesday there I was getting an x-ray at the local clinic.

The good news is that nothing is broken and I was given a prescription which I am actually taking.

It really helps with the pain and swelling, and there was swelling right down to my fingers.  That is not good news for a hand model!  So I'm taking the pills and they make me really tired but I would much rather deal with that than the pain I had.

So, not much crafting going on here.  I've spent the week "resting" my arm and trying to get it back in working order.  I do have a guest book order that I need to finish this weekend, and I'll post pictures next week.

Be careful out there!

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