Saturday, March 26, 2011

New desk

I've talked before about how much I love my Cricut, and the only negative about using it is the desk that it sat on.  The desk was small, so the Cricut took up most of the space leaving very little room to lay out the Cricut mat.  Also, the surface of the desk was slanted and because the desk wasn't very tall I spent a lot of time bent over, which is not very good for my back.

Yesterday I found an old desk at a local store that I thought would be perfect!  I bought it for $40, and the owner of the shop delivered it for me which was great since it didn't fit in my car.  I hired my friend's big strong boys and they came over last night and carried the desk into the house and down to the basement to my craft area.

The desk works ever better than I expected!  It's long enough to give me some room to work, it has drawers to hold some of my supplies and one end has shelves which can hold even more stuff!  Here are a few more photos of the desk.

This is the back side of the desk, nicely painted which is good since it can be seen from the rest of the family room.

And here are the open shelves, which you can see I've already filled with pretty things!

My goals is to not put anything under the desk because I had things stored under the old desk and I never used them because I kind of forgot what was under there.

I have quite a mess in the entire family room right now since I've been moving things around so I better get back to work.  Hope you are having a fun, productive Saturday!


peggys said...

Cool piece of furniture and I love the color. You have been one busy person!

Bonnie said...

Yes my dear you have been, but what about the MOUSE!!!