Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Inside the Guest Book

As I mentioned in my last post the Guest Book that I recently made to be used at 2 different bridal showers was made using a BoBunny Bare Naked Album.  The album was 6" x 6" and contained a number of pages, some that had spaces for the guests to sign and some that contained pictures of the bride and groom as they were growing up.

This Guest Book was a custom order, and although I know the mother of the groom I don't know either the bride or groom so when I got their photos I wasn't sure how to go about using them.  Should I use quotes about love and marriage?  Should I do pages with them separately?  Should I ask for more information about the couple to use in the book?  Hmm, lots of questions!

As usual, I let all of this bounce around in my brain waiting for inspiration to strike.  I find that I often do a lot of thinking about projects before I actually begin and usually that just ends with me having more questions that answers.  I finally decided to just sit down with the photos and really look at them and a funny thing happened.  I was able to find photos of the bride and groom doing similar things, even though this was when they were little kids and way before they fell in love.  Once I realized that the book just fell into place and I decided to match up the photos and let them speak for themselves.  Here are the pages.  As before, please note that I took the pages out of the book to photograph them and each page is leaning against the open book.

little kids with big smiles

sitting on a big, plush couch

dress up time!

each of them with their sisters

snuggling with a friend

standing and smiling


One other page that I did in this book was to create a calendar with the date of the upcoming wedding circled.  It took a bit of trial and error to get this to the correct size!  I used an Excel spreadsheet to lay out the calendar and it serves as a title page of sorts.

This was a fun little book and I hope that it works well and is a keepsake for this cute couple.


Pamela said...

You do great work! That is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Calendar page is a great, cute idea!