Friday, July 29, 2011

Fun Thursday - Week in the Life

Thursday was a good day and I'm glad that I was documenting it for Week in the Life.  I'm starting to get really excited about printing my photos and putting my album together.  This is a pretty brave statement when you consider that I don't have the album or the page protectors!  I ordered everything earlier this week so I expect them to arrive any day.  On with Thursday.

Work:  lots of typing and doing.  Busy day.

We had a visitor at the office - this adorable little girl is the 2 month old daughter of an employee.  They came to visit and she was super sweet!  Look at that face!

It was a theme day at our company - we have them every once in a while just for fun.  The plan was to dress up as a baseball player - MN Twins if possible - and all of the employees would vote for their favorite outfit.  The top two vote getters won MN Twin's coolers.  Here are the winners!  Out of 60 employees about 50 wore some sort of baseball attire which made it a lot of fun.  There was also a potluck with lots of good food.

I wore my Twins t-shirt - I'm pictured here with my friend / co-worker.

Lunch:  eaten at my desk while reading Ali's blog.

I spent part of the evening weeding my flower bed and snapped a few flower photos like this one.

The past two days I've taken way more photos than I thought I would.  It's been fun!  I have found myself explaining what I'm doing to people that look at me funny as I take photos of everyday things.  Has that happened to you?  Do you explain?  Everyone that has heard about the project seems to think it is a fun idea and I have to agree.

Only two more days of documentation to go.  This weekend I hope to order my photos online and also come up with a design plan and get some journaling cards made.  I decided to use my own design rather than using Ali's so hopefully I can get a plan ready so I can work on my book next week.

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