Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week in the Life - I'm in!

This week I'm participating in a project called Week in the Life, a concept Ali Edwards came up with several years ago.  The idea is to document a typical week in your life in pictures and words, and then use that documentation to create an album.  There are tons of people participating and you can see other participants documentation on Ali's blog.

The plan is that this week you do the documentation, and then next week you create the album.  It requires some organization, which I love, and it's fun to do it with other people so that you stay motivated to get the project done.  This year Ali teamed up with Big Picture Classes so participants can purchase a class for a great price - FREE - and then share their documention in a gallery and participate in a forum to share ideas and cheer each other on.

Today is Day 3 for me because I started on Sunday - some participants started on Saturday, some on Sunday and some on Monday.  I chose Sunday because I was home all day and had more time to take photos, and I wanted to start strong so I didn't lose interest.

Here is a photo from each of the 3 days so far:

Day 1

I had to include laundry on the line! One of my favorite things.

Day 2

Monday, back to work.

Day 3

Feeding the fish

Get the idea?  The hardest part for me is remembering to take pictures of every day activities.  The first two days I took several pictures but today I only took about 8.  Ali took over 100 photos!  That would be a bit overwhelming for me!

I'll talk more about how I'm staying organized and the supplies I'm gathering in my next post.

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