Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Remember the typewriter?

Do you remember the typewriter?  Did you take typing class when you were in school?

When I was in high school we had to take typing class; I think it was for one semester.  Half of our time in the class was spent using an electric typewriter and the other half of the class was spent on a manual typewriter.  Using a manual typewriter was the worst!

I realize that you now know (if you didn't already) that I'm old.

I recently received some old instruction manuals from typing class.  My mom was cleaning at her house and came across these old manuals which she knew I would want.  She was right.

A few days ago I was looking through one of the books and thought it would be fun to make some cards using pages from one of the books.  I made a total of four cards:

The typewriter on all of the cards is cut from a Cricut.  I don't have the cartridge but a friend of mine does so every time I have access to it I cut a bunch out because I love it!!

These cards are available in my Etsy shop.  Also, if you plan a visit to the pumpkin patch or an apple orchard this fall you might want to document your fall photos in this mini album, also available in my shop.

The album also works well to document Halloween, which is when I used it for.  The album is 4 x 6 and has a total of 7 double sided pages made from patterned paper.  The album also comes with stickers, die cuts, ribbon, etc.  Everything you need to document fall is included in this album.

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