Friday, June 4, 2010

Face it, I'm old!

If you spend time visiting the blogs of various craft folk (which I do, way too often) you so often see pictures of young, adorable women just starting out their adult like.  Ok that's maybe not true, some are a bit further along than that, but they are still under 40.  Yes, that's young to me.  Quit smirking.

Anyway, these young women have such exciting things going on.  Take Elise Blaha, one of my favorite crafters.  She just got married, and she spent the past year blogging about wedding plans including lots of pictures of her with her handsome young husband (a doctor no less).  Her wedding colors were orange and grey, which is different for sure and oh. so. beautiful.  She made adorable little packets that she sent to friends asking them to be in the wedding party.  She made the invitations.  Heck, she made her own bouquets and boutonnieres!  Through it all she was honest and open and she made each of us blog readers felt like we were good friends that she was confiding in.  It was fun to check in on her progress through it all.

Then take Eve Johnson from evalicious.  She's expecting her first child and she looks adorable.  She takes pictures of her tummy as it grows and again she's open and honest about the experience.

What does this have to do with me?  Well, I feel old.  My "baby" is 21!!  She's off at college, living all the way across the country.  I don't have exciting wedding plans and I'm not having my first baby.  I'm simply a 47 year old woman working a full time job, living in a small town, sitting in my basement doing crafts.  Man, that seems quite pathetic now that I've written it!  Don't get me wrong, I have so many wonderful things in my life.  My 21 year old daughter is a great joy in my life, and even though she's not living at home we talk often and have lots of fun when we are together.  I'm in a book club, I have a job I love and lots and lots of good friends and of course my family.  My point here is that I don't have the same exciting things to write about, so why you keep coming back beats me, but thank you.  I appreciate it.

Tomorrow I'm going to take some really great photos of exciting things and you definitely don't want to miss it.  Just kidding.  I will take some photos, and I'll try to think of something exciting to tell you.  Really, I will.


Andrea Rooks said...

I'm starting to feel less young these days. A friend from my church is leaving for college in a week -- it just takes me back to when I left for college, 14 years ago. Sigh...

I'm glad you're you, and I'm glad you share your life with us blog readers. You give me a glimpse of a life worth looking forward to. Thank you :)

Jana said...

You will never be boring and pathetic to me. Love you! =D