Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shopping for shoes

Be honest . . . are these the cutest shoes you have ever seen?  I bought them last week and I think they are oh so cute!  They are quite comfortable too, which is so important to me!

I also bought a new pair of walking shoes because the pair that I had were not that comfortable and if I'm going to keep up my new three mile per day routine I need good shoes.  The down side of all this exercise (ugh!) is that it's very time consuming.  By the time I work all day, go for a walk, feed and play with the dog and eat supper it's almost bedtime!

I have had some crafting time - I recently had an order for some Bridal Shower invitations.  Now I need to make some matching thank yous - good thing I have orders to fill or I may not get any crafting done!

I do plan to get some things made this week, and I'll try to post some pictures and be a better blogger too.

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