Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bird Tags

I recently needed to attend event where I knew there would be some downtime, so I packed up a project to do on the road.

I began with the following:

  • pages from an old bird watcher's book
  • shipping tags
  • vellum shipping tag shape
  • scissors
  • adhesive
My goal was to cut out pictures of various birds and use them to make gift tags.  In order to see the pictures as I cut I copied the shape of a shipping tag onto vellum and cut out a vellum tag.  That way I could line up the tag and the picture and not have to worry about cutting off a wing or a beak.

After cutting out the pictures I used my adhesive to attach the pictures to shipping tags.  The pages from the book are thin so I wanted to attach them to tags to give them some strength.

Here are the tags after I completed those two steps:

Next I plan to punch holes at the top of each tag using the shipping tag as a guide; then I'll add some coordinating ribbon.  Then I plan to cut out some more tag shapes using the word portions of the book.  Last I'll add a sentiment - Happy Birthday, Thank You and Thinking of You - for that I will use rub ons.

Once these are complete they will be perfect to use with gifts - hanging from a gift bag or attached to a wrapped gift.  They would also work well tied on to a wrapped food item, such as banana bread.

I have a custom order for these tags but once that is done I think I'll make some more and list them in my Etsy shop.  I also have a bird mini album to finish and list in the shop.

Spring is here!  Time for the birds to return from the south and time for bird watchers to document their return.  The bird mini album is a perfect place to document Spring.  I'll post here as soon as they are listed so stay tuned!

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peggys said...

Wow - if you can organize a project on the road for down time, you must have great things planned for an entire weekend away!

How's the organization coming in the scrap area? How about the bedroom paint?

You have alot to share with us blog followers!!