Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'm going to call the mouse Charlie because he is winning.

Hi, I'm Nancy and I'm TERRIFIED of mice.  Seriously terrified.

Last night I was out in the garage waiting for the dog, who was outside doing his thing.  I heard a noise near a box and instantly knew there was a mouse hiding in, behind or under the box.  I got the dog back in for protection (?) and then kicked the box.  I'm not sure what I thought would happen, but what did happen is that a mouse came out from under the box!  I screamed like a little girl and ran for higher ground (the steps).  The dog . . . he can't hear a thing so he didn't know I'm was screaming bloody murder and he never saw the mouse so he was absolutely no help.  I went back in the house where I was safe.

Mouse 1, Nancy 0.

Today I got up the courage to set one of those fancy new mousetraps - the kind that traps the offender inside so that people like me don't have to see anything once it is caught.  I put some peanut butter in the trap and set it in the garage near the box where I saw the mouse last night.  About an hour later I went out to check the trap and this is what I saw:

So the dog can't hear anything but his sense of smell is still intact.  He must have smelled the peanut butter and was willing to destroy the plastic mouse trap to get at it.  I guess next time I'll have to put the mouse trap somewhere the the dog can't get at it!

Mouse 2, Nancy 0

To be continued . . .

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