Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Craft Storage

I have been searching for a while for a big armoire to hold a whole bunch of craft supplies so that I can be more organized and get stuff up off the floor.  I've looked at old and new, online and in stores, and have had a hard time finding just what I want.  I had come to the conclusion that most likely I would need to have the inside reconfigured to fit my needs if I ever did find an armoire.

There's a local store that opens one weekend each month and they sell repurposed furniture and household items.  I have been looking there for the past few months but hadn't found anything as big as I wanted.  Many of their items have been painted and I was open to that and just planned to repaint it if I found something I liked and the color wasn't right.

The store was open last weekend - meaning they opened on Thursday morning at 9 and were open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  At 9:10 a.m. I got a call at work from my mom telling me to come quick because she thought they had the armoire I had been looking for.  Luckily the store is just a few blocks from my office so I raced up there and she was right - it was perfect!  Not only was it solid pine, which matches the woodwork in my basement where my craft supplies are, but the insides are set up as if I had planned it myself.

Here's the front of the armoire:

Pretty, right?  It's in great shape and as you can see it's so tall it just fits in my basement.  There's some detailing at the top but it's not too ornate.

Open the top two doors and you see this:

The top shelf pulls out and the middle shelf is just the perfect height to hold my paper holders.  In this photo you can see that I have one paper holder in there just to make sure it works.  The shelf is very sturdy and reimforced and shouldn't have any problem holding all of my paper.

Here's what you see when you open the bottom doors:

The top shelf on the left pulls out and there's a drawer on the top right.

The whole thing is set up perfectly, and tonight I'm working on filling it up!


Anonymous said...

That was a GREAT find wasn't it!!

peggys said...

I'm trying to see if the wall behind the fancy piece got painted?! Be sure and post photos of all your stuff neatly organized inside. Lucky you!