Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Ahead

It's been a long, hard winter here in Minnesota and I think everyone is ready for all of the snow to melt and for Spring to arrive!  Our average high temperature is 30 degrees now, which may seem cold if you live in a warmer climate but after some of the cold temperatures we have seen it sounds WARM.

When you live in the land of snow you have to be thankful for snowplow drivers.  They are often out in the middle of the night getting the roads ready for everyone that needs to get somewhere in the morning and I'm sure it is a thankless job much of the time.  As a homeowner it can be frustrating when a snowplow comes by and leaves a ton of snow at the end of the driveway that you just finished plowing.  If you are really lucky the big plow will come by and leave you a present like the one I got the other day.

Now that is a snowball!

Speaking of Spring, it must be almost here because I went into my bedroom the other day to take the sheets off the bed to wash and the next thing I knew my room looked like this.

While I was taking the sheets off the bed I noticed there was a storage tub under the bed and when I pulled it out it was covered in dust.  One thing led to another and pretty soon my entire room was torn apart and I was cleaning everything!  You can see there's a can of paint in the photo because painting the room is on my to-do list.  There's nothing like a bit of Spring cleaning to make a person feel productive!

Maybe this weekend I'll actually spend some time crafting!  I have several projects in mind.

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Anonymous said...

after looking at the picture of your bedroom I am ROTFLMAO !!!