Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week in the Life - Wednesday

Wow!  Wednesday was a long, busy day for me and it was kind of fun to document!  Rather than going home after working at my day job as a Human Resources Manager I drove 45 minutes to a much bigger town to run errands.  Here are some pictures from my Wednesday:

At work :: reading through suggestions employees put in the suggestion box

Ran home mid-morning to meet with an insurance adjuster after recent storm damage.  That's the ladder he used to inspect my roof for hail damage.  No damage - YAY!

Back at work, doing my annual pay range review in preparation for year end.

After my manicure/pedicure :: sitting in the store parking lot waiting for my toes to dry so I could put on my sandals and go shopping

Home Depot ::  lots of organizational items were purchased for my garage project!

clock in my car ::  9 pm and I'm driving home

It was a full day!  My evenings are usually spent at home - especially now that my daughter is grown up and on her own.  However, when I do go to run errands I try to run as many as possible in one night, which means that I get home late.

All of the pictures I'm taking this week are uploaded to my computer each night and filed by day.  I have a main Week in the Life folder and then a sub-folder for each day.  Along with taking pictures I'm also completing two documents that Ali provided everyone to use each day.  One of the documents is simply an hour by hour sheet to write down what you did, and the other document has room for 4 items:  observations, overheard, gratitude and favorite moment.  I'm trying to write everything down during the day on the hourly sheet and then complete the 2nd sheet at night.

So here's my favorite moment for Wednesday.  After all of my errands I stopped at Leann Chin to get some sesame chicken for dinner; it was 8:30 and I was starving.  I walked in wearing black capri's and a zebra print top.  The young man working got a big smile on his face and said, "look at you in your zebra print shirt.  You got it goin' on!!"  Here I am when I got home - tired but trying to look like I did indeed have it goin' on.  Which I do not!!

I love Week in the Life - it is so much fun!


Sue said...

What a great recap of the day = super ideas for photos. Fun project isn't it.

Jana said...

Nancy, I think you always have it goin' on! Love you!